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Advent Of The True Villain

Author:   Alestor

Chapter 7: Finally The Awakening

I ran to the academy without a moment's pause and without any delay I finally reached the academy.

"It seems that I wasn't fast enough," I muttered, my eyes fixed on the sealed entrance of the academy and the assembly of students listening to the principal speech.

"Well, then I can only jump over the wall now" After saying that I first tried to catch my breadth and went towards the wall to jump over it and while I was at it I also checked the class I was assigned.

I was able to successfully jump over the wall after 2-3 tries which was possible only because I found some boxes placed beside the wall and I just climbed up them to jump over the wall.

The logical course for a tardy student was to wait discreetly in the washroom until the assembly concluded. Then, I could seamlessly blend in with the returning crowd or, alternatively, I could just enter the classroom, feigning illness.

Swiftly making my way to the washroom, I bided my time until the assembly's end.

Eventually, the students streamed into the class. I joined the group, slipping in inconspicuously. The teacher began discussing the inspirational aspects of the principal's speech which mostly everyone had long since forgotten by now .

"Teacher, what happens if the awakening fails? I heard that we have someone who came in through a back door does that mean he will be failed? Zou Ku San queried, eyes fixed on Mo Fan.

A hushed murmur spread through the students.

"If the awakening fails, we'll ask the student to leave the academy and cite it as an accident to preserve their reputation," the teacher responded with a hint of unease.

"Let's proceed with the awakening process according to the ranking. Mu Bai, you're up first," the teacher announced, instructing the students to quiet down.

I watched him go towards the awakening stone for his elemental awakening and I also watched it with curiosity as I too wanted to know its process. But it was all in vain as one couldn't tell what others experienced while awakening.

"Very powerful element indeed. It won't be long before you start cultivating with the eldest lady of the family"Zhou Kunsan said ass-kissing Mu Bai as usual.

"Some come in through the back door, but constant comparisons will only breed resentment," He said trying to belittle Mo Fan.

"Damn you Zhou!! Go Die!!" Xiaohou retorted, his frustration evident.

"Well, at least he had connections to come in through that way, unlike someone who spends all day kissing up to the Young Masters trying to curry favour," I chimed in, casting a pointed look at him and Mu Bai.

"Vlad you asshole" Zhou Kunsan muttered, face flushed with embarrassment.

"Vlad and Zhou Xiaohou, do you want to awaken?" the teacher demanded, anger evident in his tone.

"No, we want to sir," we responded in unison.

After Mu Bai's ice awakening, other students followed suit. Finally, it was my turn to approach the stage.

"Finally, it's my turn," I muttered, heading toward the crystal ball.

"Don't worry, Brother Vlad. You'll definitely awaken a powerful element," Xiouhou encouraged, while Mo Fan gave me a thumbs-up.

Emboldened, I approached the crystal, placed my hand on it, and closed my eyes.

"Feel your inner strength, close your eyes, and trust yourself," the teacher's guidance echoed in my mind as I channeled my MP into the crystal.

After channeling my MP to the crystal ball suddenly, it felt as if I entered another dimension.

"Is this my Mind Realm as told in mangas and novels?" I wondered aloud, marveling at the endless space before me.

"Now I just need to find my star cluster, and then my awakening process will be complete," I murmured. A crimson cluster materialized, a breathtaking display reminiscent of interstellar clouds.

"It seems I've awakened the fire element," I declared, captivated by the beautiful spectacle.

"If someone enjoys things related to space and science fiction, this would be a mind-blowing sight," I reflected.

"Vlad, congratulations on awakening the fire element. It will become a powerful element in the future. It proves that you are talented," the teacher commended, pointing me back to my seat.

"Damn, he truly awakened the fire element," a student whispered, pointing at me.

"Vlad, you awakened a powerful element, and our elements might even have a synergy effect in fights," Xiouhou remarked, his smile reflecting genuine excitement as he had awakened the wind system.

"Indeed, we both will burn our opponents, unlike someone who could become a turtle hiding in his shell," I quipped, eyeing Zhou Kunsan, who had awakened the earth element.

"You're right, Brother Vlad. We are better than people who might not even be able to protect anyone other than themselves in a fight or disaster," Xiouhou concurred, and we shared laughter.

"Everyone quiet down, or do you want to leave the class?" the teacher warned, glaring at us.

We both sat down as other students continued their awakening.

I also opened the system as I should have awakened another element than just this one. In the system, another notification was present for me in the corner.


[Would you like to awaken your second element (Y/N)]

I minimized the notification for now as the next turn was of Mo Fan who would awaken the thunder/fire system today.

"Good luck my boy you will awaken a good element," I said even though I knew what he was going to awaken

"Yeah, Brother Fan will definitely awaken a powerful element," Xiouhou chimed in.


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