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Cataclysmic Deity

Author:   He who knocks

Chapter 10: Confrontation in the Cosmos

"As Chronos's spaceship hurtled through space, a towering figure emerged on the horizon, swiftly closing the gap between them. Clad in a grey jacket and trousers adorned with countless pockets, the figure exuded an aura of mystery. His hair, a striking shade of grey, framed a face dominated by a lone black eye, its intensity cutting through the darkness. At his back, an abnormally large scythe, black as midnight, commanded attention with its ominous presence. Hovering around him, iron round orb danced with an eerie grace, adding to the enigmatic aura that surrounded him. He is Mecro." "Chronos cursed under his breath as he observed Mecro's relentless pursuit. 'Shit, I never expected it to be easy to outrun him. Let me increase our speed.' With a touch to a part of the spaceship, Chronos imbued it with his divine power of time, causing the space to accelerate fivefold. This widened the gap between them significantly. Noticing Chronos's maneuver, Mecro sent one of his floating orbs towards the ship, unleashing light beams in an attempt to pierce its defenses. However, his efforts were in vain as the beams failed to breach the ship's defenses. 'That guy is fast. I guess I'll have to release one of my seals,' Mecro muttered tohimself. Mecro came to a sudden stop, causing Chronos, who was observing from afar, to wonder if he was already tired. "Well, I suppose destruction gods aren't that formidable after all," Chronos mused. However, his relief was short-lived as he sensed an enormous surge of dark energy emanating from Mecro's location. Chronos realized the situation was becoming increasingly troublesome and decided he needed to escape immediately. With a swift motion, Chronos activated his space-time law of acceleration once more, decreasing the time it took for the spaceship to cover a particular distance. Meanwhile, Mecro covered his hand with dark energy and plunged it into his chest. Without hesitation, he extracted a particle of light, causing his power to increase exponentially. Observing Chronos's distance, Mecro muttered to himself, "Hmm." Then, he raised his hands, attempting to clap them together. "If space can expand, then it can also be compressed," he declared, invoking the law of compression of space. As each of his hands touching space, compressing it into a single line along the path of the spaceship, Mecro took a step that seemed to meld with the spatial position. In an instant, Chronos witnessed Mecro standing in front of the spaceship and demanded, "Give me that soul." Chronos replied cautiously, "What soul? Be specific, please." Mecro's voice echoed with determination as he said, "Give me the soul of destruction. He needs to serve his punishment in the realm of suffering." Chronos hesitated before responding, "I have no soul of destruction here with me. But if you insist, I have no choice but to use my ultimate skill." Unfazed, Mecro retorted, "Do you expect me to fear that? Well, if you accept, can you allow me to search that soul storage for a bit?" Chronos pondered silently, wondering why Mecro was so persistent over a soul. Eventually, he relented, saying, "Alright, you can check it for yourself." Inwardly, Chronos smirked, knowing that the soul of destruction was currently in its hibernation state and would be undetectable to Mecro. As Mecro's eyes shifted from black to silver, resembling that of a camera, he peered into the soul storage and immediately recognized the soul of destruction. Delving deeper, he invaded its consciousness realm, finding himself in a lavish palace where he encountered the Silent One. Silent greeted him calmly, "How can I help you?" Mecro responded sharply, "Why are you acting as if you don't know what I always do?" Silent remained composed, "If it's about going to hell, I'm not stopping you from taking me." Silent acknowledged Mecro's bravery, "Out of all reapers, you are the one with the most guts. But unfortunately, I won't be able to serve my punishment in this life. Why don't you wait until the next life? You could add the punishment of this one to the death of the future." Mecro considered Silent's proposition but ultimately rejected it, stating, "Hmm, quite reasonable, but I can't accept that. I have to take you no matter what." Silent remained unfazed, "Do what you want. You've made me talk too much. I would like you to leave." Suddenly, Mecro was forcibly ejected from Silent's consciousness realm. In the outside world, only two seconds had passed, leaving Chronos unaware of the exchange that had taken place. Chronos impatiently questioned, "Hey, what is taking you so long? Haven't you searched enough?" Mecro replied confidently, "I have found what I am looking for." He stretched out his hand, already covered in dark energy to transcend the physical realm. Suddenly, Chronos appeared before him, blocking his path. "I can't let you take him," Chronos asserted, reaching out to touch Mecro's shoulder. Mecro scoffed, "Since when does the god of time claim souls as his property?" As Chronos's hand made contact with Mecro, he reversed time, sending Mecro back to his starting point billions of light years away from the spaceship. Annoyed, Mecro muttered, "Seriously?" He performed compression of space once more and leaped, reappearing in front of Chronos, intent on killing him. However, upon contact, Chronos transferred him to another timeline, further fueling Mecro's fury and determination to seek revenge in the future. And the saga continues...

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