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Climbing the tower with my gluttony system

Author:   Teaaddict

Chapter 7: 07

In the grand halls of the Association building, Kai stood before the counter, his lips pouting in frustration.

"I've been waiting in line for an entire hour," he complained, feigning tears and showing them to the clerk.

The clerk, accustomed to dealing with all sorts of peculiar individuals, responded with an awkward smile.

"How may I assist you, sir?" she asked politely.

Kai placed five mana stones on the counter with a wide grin. "I'd like to sell these mana stones," he declared.

"One moment please, you can rest in the waiting room while we completing the transaction". The clerk said politely

" Yes Sure! ".

As the clerk began to appraise the stones, Kai slyly made his way to the waiting room, discreetly observing the statuses of the other people present.

"Look at that guy, he's weak," Kai muttered to himself as he glanced at a man named Kale Sarni.

[Status pannel]

Name:Kale sarni Race:Human rank:Player STR:05 INT:03 VIT:06 MANA:04 DEX:07 PER STAT(permanent) CHRM:53 LUC:29 UNIQUE SKILL:[Haste:C] Passive:[None] Active: [Sword charge:(C)]

"Must be newly awakened, Poor guy he won't be able to pass 1 floor".Kai muttered himself

"That woman stats are also low, I really feel pitty for newly awakened player".

He couldn't help but feel sorry for the newly awakened player, knowing they wouldn't be able to progress past the first floor. Kai continued to sneak peeks at the statuses of the other individuals in the room, feeling a mix of pity and sorry for them.

After a brief wait, the clerk called Kai back to the counter. "Thank you for your patience. Would you prefer the payment to be deposited directly into your bank account or in cash?" she asked politely.

Kai flashed an okay sign with his hand and replied, "Cash."

The clerk placed the payment for the mana stones in a black wooden dish on the counter. Kai eagerly counted the money, finding ten one-hundred-dollar bills.

With a satisfied smile, he made his way towards the exit, only to be stopped by a group of background characters who always that appears once in every story to pick a fight with mc's.

"I heard you exchange some mana stones in there".one of them, a bulky and tan-skinned man, taunted Kai.

Behind him, four other newbies eagerly awaited Kai's response. Kai quickly deduced their story, he was already exchanging mana stones even though he was a solo newbie unlike them which doesn't fit with their ego.

'I can't blame them, A newbie who is already ahead from the rest of the newbies when they all have the same starting line which can even make me feel jealous'. Kai said in his mind while showing a look of pity which further fuel their jealousy

'I asked you something, and where did you get the stone".he asked gritting his teeth "answer us honestly otherwise we know how to open people mouth". he said while patting his sword in his waist

"And why should I". Unfazed, Kai placed his hand on his shoulder, causing the bulky guy to feel a sudden pain.

'Should I ripped his shoulder or break both his leg and smash his face to the ground or should I thrust him whole in the Ground'. Kai though while making a scary psychopathic smile that send send chill to the bulky guy

But before Kai put his thoughts into action a cold voice interrupt him.

"You dare cause a scene in front of the Player Association building? Do you understand the consequences?" the voice threatened. The group of newbies, though inexperienced, recognized the threat and decided to retreat..

Kai couldn't help but roll his eyes. "Ah, here comes the strong and cold female side character who will inevitably get beaten by the enemy, only to be saved by the main character. How cringy," he thought to himself.

"Hey, newbie, be careful. Many newly awakened players are not in a good state right now. They may become violent," the cold voice warned, directed at Kai.

Curious, Kai asked, "Why? What's going on?"

The voice replied, her tone still cold, "You don't know? The trial portal on the first floor disappeared about a week ago."

Kai shrugged nonchalantly. "Well, it doesn't matter to me. I already have the right to enter the second floor," he stated monotonously.

This revelation shocked the voice. "You what? When and how did you clear the first floor?" she asked, surprised.

"It's been more than a week, I think," Kai recalled, his life story only spanning a week or so.

she became curious "When you awakened then, and how'd you clear"

" I think it been more than 10 day when I awakened and I clear solo of course with my ability it's not a big deal for me". Kai said puffing his chest proudly

Intrigued, the voice held Kai's hand and asked for more details. Kai, annoyed by her persistence, made a ' you are annoying ' expression which awake her from her thought

"My apologies, I didn't introduced myself. my name is Lucy Pruna you can call me Lucy if you like". she said "I am also younger sister of Sophie Pruna, you might have heard her name she is guild master of plum guild" she puff her cheeks making a proud expression

"Never heard of it". he said making 'You are annoying ' face again

"What? ". his word completely destroy her from inside

'Can't she take the hint, leave me alone already ' Kai complained in his heart

"OK... bye, hope we never have an encounter in the near future". Kai said smilingly and left leaving the dazed girl alone

As he left, Lucy remained in a daze, only regaining her senses after four hours.

"What did he just say?" she exclaimed, looking around. "Where did he go? He was just here!"

Suddenly, a voice called out from behind. "Lucy, what are you doing here?" It was Sophie Pruna, Lucy's elder sister and the guild master of the Plum Guild.

Excitedly, Lucy rushed towards her sister and hugged her. "Sister, you're here!"

Confused, Sophie asked, "Why were you standing here in a daze?"

Lucy tried to change the subject, feeling embarrassed. "Oh, nothing. I was just having a chat with someone."

Sophie looked around. "Who? No one was here. You were standing here alone, lost in thought."

Lucy hesitated before replying, "Well, never mind. Why are you here?"

"We are looking for the player who clear the trial portal in first floor"

Lucy was confused" Why, to interrogate him about the portal then I will also help".

Sophie chuckled. "No, silly. We want to recruit him into our guild. If he's a newbie and managed to defeat the mutant goblin, he must possess a powerful unique skill."

Lucy's confusion deepened. "But I met a newbie who cleared the first floor more than a week ago. He's already gone now, though. I was just chatting with him."

"Oh, when and where is he". Sophie asked hurriedly

"He already gone, I was having a chat with him" she said embarrassingly scratching her head

"Disappointed, Sophie explained, "That's unfortunate. If you happen to meet him again, try to recruit him. Even if he's not the one we're looking for, he's already on the second floor."

Lucy finally understood and nodded. As they continued their conversation.

In S'itsip street at local bath

Kai sneezed loudly in a local bath on S'itsip street. "Did someone mention me? Well, it's only natural. I am just so handsome, after all." With that, he resumed enjoying his bath.

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