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Cooking By The Book - Completed

Author:   Viktor F. Krown

Chapter 4: Cooking By The Book

In haste she rushed down to the kitchen and out of desperation she tossed the stack of cooking books from her shelf, down, searching for the right one, the ever so alluring one, that captivated her mind for months.

There it was, right in the middle of the newly created mayhem on the kitchen floor. She reached for it with her blood-stained hands, leaving on it markings of blood as she flipped through the pages in search of the recipes she had marked and desired to try.

"Ahh! There it is!" She exclaimed and attentively read the recipe.

** The Sweetest Kidney Pebbles Of Them All

Gently remove the victim's kidney from their body.

With a rolling pin flatten it out. Cut to shapes you so desire. Mix it in with a bit of **** marrow for enhanced sweetness. A pinch of sugar and toss it in the oven at 175C for 32 minutes no less, no more. Take out the sweetest cookies you've ever tried in your life. **

She got to work, excited. Utilizing the cookie cutters, he had gifted her previously, and she placed well cut pieces of his kidneys on the very tray he had gifted to her, humming excitedly, as if possessed. She glanced over the recipe again and traced with her bloodied fingers an author's note at the foreword 'for added effect, use cooking utensils gifted to you by your sweets.'

The second recipe was no less disturbing, a 'beating heart pie', that reanimated the heart of your beloved during the cooking process, giving it a second life just for the baker to savor and relish.

The timer buzzed, the cookies were ready. She took out from the oven a tray of perfect looking, chocolate cookies. A bite into one was accompanied by a perfect crunch, the most exceptional texture, and a flavor so sweet and mesmerizing that one would have a difficult time pulling away from these cookies. Best cookies she's ever made.

She savored her beloved, the sweetest baked goods she ever had the pleasure of tasting. But not all was sweet. She also made meatloaves out of his minced meat, *** -marrow pies, *** -dough and others.

She made enough food that morning, that she brought it to the bakery to sell it.

'Limited quantity baked goods made from the rare, overseas ingredients' she labeled the goods that day. Practically the entirety of the body was used, leaving behind little evidence that could ever be used against her.

A perfect crime, that made many perfect meals and snacks.

A perfect night, a perfect day, perfect weather, accompanied by the disappearance of her beloved. Fortunately for her, it took a couple of weeks before notice of his disappearance spread, and by then no trace of him was left in the house.

A missing person file, a case unsolved to this day, that once found its way to the desk of a legendary detective's agency, with generations long history, Hispida.

Viktor F. Krown

Viktor F. Krown

Content Warning: This story includes depictions of violence, murder, and cannibalism that could be distressing for some readers.

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