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Did I Really Got a Girlfriend?

Author:   Tsukiomiyaki

Chapter 1: My first Girlfriend

People make fun of me because of my name. But what I can do with my parents named it. Besides that I live in Shiba, Japan.

My life is so boring I always get up early. Because I go to school so early than anyone in my class. It not because of my grade is low. I always got first in my class even in school. But my parents want me to be doctor.

So whatever it not like I hate it. But I want to say to my parents, "Give me an opportunity to live like a normal highschool students".

But beside all of that I don't have a girlfriend or anything like that. My classmates always told me that "Don't you want a girlfriend in your high school life?"

"Girlfriend's are nothing but pain."

I lie about that. But in reality I need a girlfriend too.

People say "No girlfriend means no fun in life". But don't like anyone in school. Or there will be any transfer student who will fall for me, like what happened in manga.

One day I was going to home after my cram school. I saw a girl standing there and crying for some reason.

The girl was so beautiful so that I can't take my eyes off from her.

She was wearing a white clothe. Her hair was blue and her eyes was red.

In short she looked like an angle or maybe she was angle. I thought that I should propose her in spot but I couldn't because my life is not a manga.

When I looking her our eyes met each other. She come to me with a serious eyes.

I thought that she came to hand me to police. But what I did so police may for me.

She came near to me and said,

"Why you was looking to me."

I was so afraid and nervous so I can't answer her. And she look f-------g cute.

"You looked cute."

Shit" I said that loud.

She again said,

"Are you single?"

"Iam single so what?"

"Do you want to be my boyfriend?"


I said that without thinking anything.

Then she give her Line number and I gladly accepted it.

Than she looked to me with a cute smile and said,

See you later Boyfriend-kun.

I said goodbye too. Than we take our own route to our home. When I get back to my home I couldn't believe that I got my first girlfriend.

But what is going to happen next is not what I expected even in my dream.



This is the first chapter of this series and I am new to making and publishing a novel I will be glad if you point out my mistakes to giving you the best next chapter.

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