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For crying out loud ,I'm not a golem

Author:   DeshawnNnoma-Addison

Chapter 1: The unexcepted

Where am I, who am I. Ahh. My head hurts let see what I remember this that I was working on an enhance robot to protect my son a the lab There was an invasion form the government break through the filicy so I got myself in a a prototype copseal to transfer consciousness to the robot but the a w as a huge explosion. It seemed that it was a successful but I was sure that my robot body was buried under the rubble now what am I going it seems im in a different old abandoned ruin I looked at my around.I used Xray to scan the walls and I found a passage I thought on how I was going to break past the wall then all of a sudden a long Japanese sword and I took a stand and swang the sword in the direction of the wall as it started to crampble then it broke to pieces then the sword denigrated in my hand then a strange lizard robot floating in the air and said said "hi welcome and congratulations on you activation the system will you like to open your beginner package? "Ahh... Yes" Then a huge treasure chest appeared in the air and opened it was covered with a huge bright lining light aveled the whole area then in that light were five floating cards that were the same as gold and silver colored "How do I use the cards " as I spoke to the system the lizard robot snapped its fingers and a screen appeared in front of me and information and a whole 3d model of me was display Name:n Code a.r.s() Title: None Race: android Skills: absorption, weapon nomination, mirage, morphing state:normal and the lizard robot s



The unexcepted

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