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Forgotten Days

Author:   Blaze

Chapter 1: Prolog

There once existed a certain period of time. Where the development of humanity started moving. It was such a revolutionary time. An endless amount of new research resulted in humanity as a whole taking a new step through the lane toward the future. Such a good time, it was.

One of them might say at that time, “This is enough. I’m quite content with this kind of development.”

But others would say, “Why? Isn’t it better if we try to maximize the growth potential to a whole new level to achieve the best version of our world?”

From there, there would exist the concept of competition to obtain the best possible development. Companies were created with the sole goal of being the top, to be the most thriving in terms of economy, popularity, and reputation. And so, many contestants had already appeared at the same time.

Yet, there also existed people who felt blessed with what they had. They didn’t find the idea of always pushing the limit as a good one, rather they saw it as a potential for a dangerous path toward nothing but self-destruction. As such, they separated themselves from the majority and gathered among one another, making a civilization of their own.

Yes, as expected, it didn’t last long.

Things fell apart the moment one of the most major findings happened. The ability to look into the cycle of time and take a peek at what the future held.

It was nothing but a mere joke at first. But as time went on for a while after that, guesses turned into predictions, and predictions turned into revelations, which in the end…

Revelations turned into reality.


That feeling existed within the so-called, “World Owners”. They proclaimed themselves as a gathering of the most influential, the richest, the best, and even the most dangerous---in terms of having the biggest power in the world, either military or other types.

Of course, if one were to ask about their true feelings, they would probably respond with, “What? Are you mocking me? Do you want to die?” or, “Afraid? How could I feel such a weak thing? Have you forgotten who I am here?” and all the other similar-like responses.

But all of that would bring the obvious question into the spotlight.

Just what were they afraid of? What did the “Revelation” tell them? How big of a problem was it that even they, who seemingly “own” the world, tremble on their seats?

It was nothing but a simple sentence.

[Those who stayed patient for a greater purpose will eventually surpass everything and acquire the foremost and utmost end, one that nothing could ever dream of.]

“What does that even have to do with anything? What does it even mean?”

Good questions, my dear.

Many of them attempted to dive into what the sentence specifically means. Some found a dead end, while others only found loose ends. There was a lot of unsuccessful research. To the point that even trying to find out at what time would their universe explode was an easier thing to do.

But of course, it happened.

Among the endless failures, a “success” appeared.

And when the result of that “successful” research was told---the “set pieces” had all been placed on their “supposed” places. As such, the expected happened.

Things fell into chaos among the “World Owners”.

[Those who stayed patient for a greater purpose will eventually surpass everything and acquire the foremost and utmost end, one that nothing could ever dream of.]

Had been translated into:

[The people who show disinterest in the world’s growth will trample over all of them in the end, and nothing could stop them. They will be the only ones to obtain the greatest of all things.]

“Crush them.”

With that single order, the following happened.

Destruction and genocide, which led… to extinction.

Time passed by unnoticed.

Nothing happened after that decision.

Things were all “fine” and “well”.

Fine and well…

Fine… and... Well…

Fin… an... ell...





The final age had befallen them.

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