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Grim Fate: The Strongest Guild

Author:   Zumomikashi

Chapter 2: Gathering of the Strong

Grim Fate. A name that sends shivers, even to the Higher ranked Guilds. Their members, as the rumors say, are composed of hunters who have long abandoned their humanity due to the insane attributes and skills they could muster, allowing them to trample dungeons in a hair's breadth. They are also the first and only guild that finally cleared an Abyssal Front, and to add more, they managed to do it without any casualties on their end. They may have some connections here and there, but they're mainly on the secretive side of things, that only a few chosen people know what they look like.

Now that they have given confirmation that they would attend today's gathering, all of the guilds have agreed to join in despite their busy schedules. After all, the leader of the Abyss ranked guild, Grim Fate, is personally going. No one knows his identity yet, but he is popularly known by many titles such as: {World's Sage}, {Grim Reaper}, {Perfect Warrior} and so on…but the title that his guild members call him – {Fate Threader}.

— — —

"The Abyss ranked Guild: [Grim Fate]!" Erika reaches her hand out into the sky. "It was the first time for us, guilds from farther lands, to be able to witness them! That's why I'm really looking forward to it! I can only imagine how ridiculously amazing they all would look like. Especially their leader!"

"K-kukh…!" After having heard of Erika's statement. Zephyr seems to have had a minor heart attack as he clutched his chest whilst breathing in labor. His face looks like someone who was traumatized.

"Wha-!? Hey, are you okay? Are you perhaps feeling under the weather and I forced you to walk with me!? I'm sooooorry!!!" Erika shakes her head repeatedly with her hands clasped, asking him for forgiveness.

Zephyr places his hands on his stomach as he looks at Erika with a forced smile, though anyone could see that he's close to bawling. He then raises a thumb. "I-I'm okay!"

"No you're clearly not!" Erika violently shakes him as if it's going to fix things up. A light bulb then appears on her head which seems like she had an idea. She then rummages through her pouch and takes out a small vial. "Here, I have a <Potion of cure ailments>. This is home-brewed by our alchemist, so I can vouch for its effectiveness!" Erika makes him swallow the entire content of the vial.

"B-Bueh!? Wait, what did you just make me drink again?" Zephyr lightly shoves her hands away which is holding the now empty vial.

"Ah, a home-brewed potion made by our top alchemist: <Potion of cure ailments>!"

Zephyr wryly chuckled. "Heh…I wonder what kind of side effects it has. Uhh…Erika, didn't you know that minor potions like that tend, or always, have an aftereffect like becoming sleepy or tired due to its main ingredient Gnome leaf."


"...and the duration would last for about an hour or so."

"What!? That's news to me!" Erika seems like she's in panic, thinking of a way to stop the potion's setback.

"Well, it was mainly used for minor illnesses, so the effects were understandable." Zephyr massages the back of his neck and lets out a sigh. "But don't worry…I'm well, kind of resistant to those."

"Whoa, are you for real!? Like, Joura, our alchemist, is quite the talented individual. She makes such potent potions which makes us conquer a lot of dungeons. If there's an effect, she would surely elevate it…even if it's a fallback sometimes…hehe." Erika looks away, ruffling her hair.

"Uhh, okay, so maybe Joura thought a lot when concocting this potion and made it so that the aftereffects aren't that tough. Right?"

Erika raises a brow, as if she, of all people, doesn't see her allied alchemist to be that kind of person. "U-uhm, okie let's leave it that way haha." She chuckled briefly.

"Oh, we're near, so-" Before Zephyr even finishes his sentence, a shout interrupted him which could be heard from a distance.


"E-eek!!!" Erika was frightened with the voice, her body shakes and it could be seen that she's sweating quite a bit.

With a single pinch in the ear, she was raised from the ground. "Owiiiie!" exclaimed Erika while lightly tapping the hands of what looks like her superior.

Zephyr on the other hand activates his <blending in with the crowd like a normal citizen> skill as he thought that it would be a pain if he gets involved further. Though whilst backing off, Erika turns to him and waves as she has been finally let go of. With a short breath, she bid him goodbye…though they'll probably meet each other again very soon. "T-thank you again, good citizen!"

Zephyr nervously smiled and slightly raised his hands while waving towards her. 'I need a quick bite…I think I'll pass out sooner or later' he thought to himself.

Gringar. The largest tavern Telmaris could offer. Aside from having the best meals and beverages in town, it also boasts a long deep history with the legendary guilds it housed back in the days. The owner itself was a retired legend, a Hunter with the title {Unyielding Titan} that goes by the name…well, Gringar.

"Hope the big man has some tasty bread and cheese for me…" Zephyr lowers his head and pulls his hood down. He then marches towards the tavern, pushing and interjecting himself to the crowd observing from the outside. "E-exc- wha-! Excuse me please…!"

"Uhm, Fiona, helloooo? I would just like to say that, err…my bad, haha."

Her superior, Fiona, looks back at her with a piercing gaze, making Erika look away while whistling. "We talked about this last night. You're going on ahead of us this morning to survey the site, but then you're nowhere to be found!"

"I apologized, okay? I didn't know that I'll get distracted with the scenery, it's much much different than in Zennovia. Good thing, a good fellow led me here and free of charge!"

"You bothered a normal citizen despite being an officer of one of Zennovia's Top Guilds…" Fiona facepalms whilst slowly shaking her head.

"Mhm hehe, oh, come to think of it, I forgot to ask his name." The two finally made it inside the huge tavern, where one of their guild members is waiting for them to enter the main hall for the assembly. Behind them, followed by the hungry Zephyr who silently makes his way towards the hall.

–Gringar's Tavern, Main Hall–

Despite the boisterous crowd outside the hall, the inside of the room is well-organized. The tables and chairs of each guild were embellished, on the other hand, meals are not served yet until everyone is finally present.

Though of course, the main attraction of the place currently, is the presence of the Top Guilds from different regions. Everyone representing their group really does show their respective power through banners, blatant display of their collected artefacts, and some of them, just by existing alone is enough to display their authority.

Hunter's Guild; [Crow's Nest] - Blood Rank "Fuhahahaha! To be able to share a room soon with the puissant [Grim Fate], I can't wait!" "Indeed, though, King Crow-sama, it would be a pleasure to let them acknowledge us through the achievements we have garnered and the long history of our guild." "Of course, that's the plan from the beginning right? Just prepare the artifact that we have collected back in the |Forest of Clouds|, and be sure to present it to that {Fate Threader}!"

Merchant's Guild; [Diamond Trading & Co.] - Star Rank "Not everyday you get to see such important people, so let's all be organized and set up an example as the best, most sought after Merchant's Guild in all of Telmaris." "Yes, Chief Meirin! We will be sure to keep our discipline in check. Oh, also, the thing you asked us to prepare –" "That's the important stuff, let it rest there before we present it to {Fate Threader}. Remember, my dear associates: we are here to establish networks from different powerful guilds, however-! [Grim Fate] is our top priority."

Hunter's Guild; [Shadow Core] - Blood Rank "I can't believe you Erika…in the future, before you move out on your own, make sure you can really do what you will tell us. We've been here for half an hour already." "Hehe…sorry David, as I said, some of the capital's scenery has captivated me, so I lost track of time." "Always keep your heads up, you two. We're in the presence of high and important guilds. Be sure not to disappoint by looking weak, we must be at our best…most of all, once [Grim Fate] has shown themselves."

Hunter's Guild; [Winter's End] - Prism Rank "....." "My word…everyone's talking about [Grim Fate] it seems. They're not even trying to hide the fact that they're here just to witness them." "Haha, admit it though, all of us here are curious about them. I mean, they're the first to clear an Abyssal Front, and without any casualties. Though, some of us might want to see some proof of clearance personally."

There are nine guilds in total that were invited for the gathering. One of those guilds, however, declined for some unknown reason. As expected, the main topic inside the hall was the rumored strongest guild. Just soon after, the floor shakes as the tavern's owner, retired legend and also the Guild Establishing Officer (a branch/department managing guilds) has walked into the room.

He is a gigantic man who looks like someone that's furious all the time. He has some proud battle scars on his face and body, which depicts his legend. He looked around the room as each of the guild's representatives stood up to pay his deserved respect. His gaze then falls on one of the free tables, placed in the middle of the hall. Seeing that no one is there yet, he lets out a sigh.

"Thank you everyone for accepting the invitation despite your busy schedules." Gringar then narrows his eyes down. "Since there are a few minutes left, let us wait for the others who have not arrived yet."

A guild member from [Crow's Nest] then asked the important question. "I would like to clarify something. [Grim Fate], would they really come?" Everyone looked at him afterwards.

In response, Gringar crosses his hands and smirks. "Oh they will, I'm sure some of them are already in this town."

Meanwhile, an alarming noise came in from the outside, as if a spell had been cast. "What's happening?" A member from the merchant's guild, [Diamond Trading & Co.], asked. Though as they're about to look outside, a certain long dark haired woman with a chilling presence has entered the hall, holding the hand of a man with a bread slice on his mouth.

"....." Gringar was stunned for a few seconds. He then snapped out of it and acknowledged the presence of the two. "You've finally arrived, [Grim Fate]."

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