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I Only Want Peaceful Life But Why These People Keep Bothering Me?!

Author:   Abis1Dua

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: The Beginning

Life is good.

Especially when it was your second life. Yup. I am a reincarnated person from Earth, Indonesia, to be specific.

In my previous life, my name was Andrew Jackson, an Indoneisan-born man who loved Texan food. Sadly, my life was cut short when my doctor diagnosed me with some rare disease that has yet to be cured, and I did not have much time left.

Do you know what makes it even worse? The doctor dared to tell me that I could not eat any meat if I wanted to live a little longer. Well, I cannot accept that. I rather die fast while shoving juicy brisket into my gullet.

As you can see, I die. At least I die with a smile on my face with only a small amount of pain in my gut for the rest of my previous life.

Lucky for me, God decided to give me a second chance. I get reincarnated into this world. Into the world called Gaia, where magic and monsters are real. That’s right! I get reincarnated into a Fantasy World where indoor plumbing has not even yet been invented.

I am lucky that I was reincarnated as a Son of a Noble House. It is a Viscount House, one of the lowest three ranks in the kingdom, but still a noble house nonetheless.

Anyway! My name is Xavier Salazar, and I am the second son of Salazar Viscount. My family is a vassal to the Lennox Royal Family of Gurak Kingdom.

There are five continents in this world. The first one is the Northern Continent, Eastern Continent, Southern Continent, Western Continent and the Thousand Islands.

The Gurak Kingdom is located in the Eastern Part of the Northern Continent. Salazar Viscounty is located on the western border of the Gurak Kingdom. We are neighboring two Kingdoms. We did not have a good relationship with them, but at the moment, we are neutral.

“Young master, are you ready?”

I snap from my thoughts when I hear someone from the door. I take a deep breath, open the door and see a young maid already waiting for me.

“Young master, the carriage is ready. We are ready to take you to the church.” “Let’s go. Let’s get this over with.”

The reason why I need to go to church is to go through something called Baptism. After you go through baptism, you will get something called [Blessing] that will give you power. As expected of Fantasy World.

Blessing is divided into ranks. There are seven ranks: F - E - D - C - B - A - S - SS. The lowest is the F-rank, and the strongest is the SS-rank, which only a few people have, and any kingdom having one of them will rise through the rank of kingdoms, becoming a powerhouse in the continent.

My father, Alber Salazar, has a B-rank blessing called [Sword Master], while my older brother, Jaime Salazar, has an A-rank blessing called [Sword Saint]. Because of this, my brother became one of the most famous youths in the entire kingdom. His future is bright, but it also makes him an asshole.

He is your typical young master stereotype in any Xianxia or Wuxia novel. Yeah. I did not get along with him.

I release a sigh as I enter the carriage and watch as we slowly go to the church, where I shall awaken my blessing. I did not care about powerful blessings. I would rather have something that can make my life easier.

I did not care about war because I had already had enough of it when I joined the military and got injured in action. I want to have a slow and easy life. Maybe I can ask my father to help me open up a restaurant somewhere in the city.

I wonder if I can spread the magnificent taste of Texas Brisket to this uncultured world. I shake my head at that idea because I don’t think I can do that with how expensive spices are in this era.

Black paper is expensive in this world. Some even compare them to Gold, as some countries call them Black Gold.

I don’t want to tarnish the memory of that heavenly meat by seasoning it with subpar spices.

“Young master, we are here.”

I snap from my thoughts and see that we are arriving at the church. As I leave the carriage, I can see two nuns and one priest already waiting for us.

“Welcome to the church of the Sun, Young Master Xavier.”

The priest smiles at me. I gave him a nod and followed him inside the church. The Church of the Sun is a follower of the Goddess of the Sun, Hanai. According to the teaching of the sun, she is the Goddess of the Sun, Life and Healing.

Her church is the main religion of this kingdom, with the second one being her brother, the God of the Moon, Hajun. He is the God of the Moon and Death of Eternal Rest.

“Please kneel in front of the statue of our Goddess, young master.”

I nod and kneel in front of the beautiful statue of the goddess. I clasp my hands and close my eyes. I can hear the priest chant the holy spell, and I can feel warmth surging out of my body. When the priest is done, I can see a blue panel in the corner of my vision and a small plaque floating in front of me.

The priests take the small plaque, and I read the panel in front of me. I widen my eyes and look at the priest, who gives me a pitiful look. He gives me the plaque back and says.

“Xavier Salazar! The blessing the Goddess gives you is called [Gacha]! And it is an E-rank blessing! Rejoice for you receiving the blessing of the Goddess! Use that blessing well.”

I can only nod and leave the church in confusion. When I get inside the carriage, I look at the panel and the small plaque in my hand once again.

‘E-rank? No! The small plaque forgets about the ‘X’ behind the E.’

That’s right. I get an EX-rank blessing instead of an E-rank blessing.



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