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Late NPC Villain

Author:   Arrnok

Chapter 1: Prologue

[Game of the Year by GGC]

[Game of the Year Award by BGA]

[GGA Selected Game of the Year Award]

[The Most GATY Award Winners Ever]

Other than that, numerous awards.

Best video game ever.

The world's best fantasy action RPG game.

The game that was the final destination of all those titles.

[Winter War 3]

Koreans, the strongest nation in the world in front of the game.

Koo Hyun-seong, one of the most powerful warrior species, did not just ignore the Winter War.

This jackpot game from the first and second episodes was Koo Hyun-greatest seong's work.

It had gotten to the point where I was still enjoying it after five years.

Koo Hyun-seong sat down at the keyboard and turned on the display.

"Isn't it about time you uploaded a rapid time assault technique with concealed bugs? No one else can do it but me!"

Experience points that have been played several times.

It was unacceptable to be Korea's number one winter war new tuber without a new top championship.

In reality, despite the fact that the game was published five years ago, it received little attention.

But what can I do?

This is all I know how to do.

It didn't mean the game wasn't worthwhile for Koo Ku-seong.

Even though I was about to restart from level 1 for Time Attack, it was still enjoyable.

"Let's do some doping!"

Koo Sung-sung drank a cup of cold coffee attentively in one swallow.

Oh no, gulp, gulp!

He sipped the coffee while chewing on the ice.

"Keuuu! I did dope. Winter War, I'm returning!"

Koo Hyun-seong launched a video capture application while also double-clicking the Winter War icon.

Ku Sung-heart sung's began to beat irregularly at that point.

pounding! pounding!

"Uh-oh, uh-oh?"

He couldn't help but roll his eyes and fell on his side.

Caffeine overdose causes a heart attack.

Something he saw on the news a few days before flashed across his mind.

"Save them, people!"

>Prologue to Episode 0.



This was my first work on web novel

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