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Pandora's Pride

Author:   ReIN

Chapter 6: Unknown Traveler Part 1

Clouds floated in the air, as black snow fell from where it was. The panicked crowd continued to be crushed by a large army of monsters.

Resembling ferocious bears on the edge of a distant mountain, they—the monsters preyed on every human that appeared without knowing of the danger that lay ahead.

High-pitched hysterical screams, the women tried to escape while carrying expressions of horror. Meanwhile, the men stood guard carrying weapons they could find on the street and then left the place of judgment.

They covered the streets in blood, heavy fires devoured the buildings in the city's heart. In several areas, they heard gunshots accompanied by heavy explosions.

The noise came from soldiers and authorities trying to defuse the situation. However, unfortunately, all their efforts were in vain. No amount of bullets or explosives can stop the parade of monsters.

The infantry troops and tanks work together to destroy the monsters. Unfortunately, the monsters crushed them. They destroyed strong steel tanks with just one blow from the bodies of giant monsters, while infantry soldiers were slaughtered one by one without mercy.

Now, something dashed the hope that once came. The chance of survival disappeared without leaving a glimmer of light.

What they got was nothing more than a one-sided reenactment of a massacre scene. An entity carrying a dark staff caused the defeated monsters to rise again.

With no intermediary, it is easy to raise them. With just a magic circle and a few sacrifices, all the monster troops returned to normal.

The soldiers were overwhelmed, and they asked for help. They also deployed police to evacuate residents to safer places. Even though it only has a painful connotation, the residents still rely on the police.

On the other side, reinforcements arrive, only to be knocked down by giant tendrils that pull them out of the abyss. The giant tendrils knocked down all the reinforcements that arrived, pulling them out of the abyss.

This scene depicts the world turning upside down and now that the human caste is no longer the highest predatory caste, they have fallen into the shadow of the hunted mammal.

Meanwhile, Yogi, who was still hiding, continued to pray in a low voice so that the death knights would not find him. Like an uninvited miracle, a large truck came crashing in, and destroyed all the death knight troops.



Yogi dared himself and peeked forward to check the situation. He noticed that a truck had destroyed all the death knight troops and also destroyed the front of the grocery store.

"I-it's a lie. It turns out someone granted my request."

“Oh. Is there anyone there?”

The person driving the truck was Mr. Gardi, a lecturer in entrepreneurship at the university where Yogi studied.

Mr. Gardi's presence surprised him, “M-Mr Gardi?!”

When he wanted to get up, his foot tripped over something, and ended up falling with his head facing the food shelf.

What Yogi didn't know was that there was a death knight's head lying still intact that wanted to bite his nose. However, Mr. Gardi quickly anticipated this. The masculine old man immediately pulled out the cash register right next to him and then hit his head until it broke.

"Luckily, you were on time."

Yogi still couldn't believe what he saw, but he tried to strengthen himself to get up, and thanked Mr. Gardi.

“T-thank you, sir”

“Yes. The important thing is that you're okay, hmm?” Mr. Gardi looked left and right to check something. "Yogi... where are Septian and Faisal?"

“A-a-so... Sir...”

However, it didn't take long for Mr Gardi to realize this. Because Yogi's pale and terror-filled expression had explained where Septian and Faisal had gone. Mr. Gardi took a deep breath and then patted his student's shoulder gently.

"Thank goodness you're still safe, Yogi."

“Y-y-yes.. Sir”

"Then, now come with me."

“W-where are we going, sir?”

"Earlier you accidentally heard a radio broadcast and fortunately, the authorities were preparing evacuation sites around West Bandung."

“W-west?! B-but that's, isn't it, far away? Are you sure you want to go there with this truck? Moreover, now we are in the eastern part of the city.”

Yogi panicked even more after hearing Mr. Gardi's proposal. It's true that this sounds like a relief, but it doesn't necessarily mean that their journey will be as smooth as taking the toll road.

With conditions that are not conducive and a tense atmosphere full of puzzles. Their only hope is to go to the evacuation site provided by the local government. Or if they at least had the guts. Taking refuge in a secluded house away from crowds and monsters was an alternative option they could take.

However, to find out which house is safe or not. Of course, they need courage and mental stability to do it.

Meanwhile, Yogi himself was still on the verge of tremors after seeing his two friends die being ambushed by monsters.

Aghh... damn. I can't stand just imagining the faces of Ian and Isal. Moreover, having to go to the west, isn't that suicide?, thought Yogi.

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