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Talentless Player

Author:   IlesGC

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Highly educated, highly specialised people have long been a thing of the past. There is only one world left. Driven by "talent". Talent. A superpower that 99.9 per cent of humanity was born with. Since the creation of the dungeons, this has become a matter of course. The world has long since arrived in the age of superhumans. A power that has never existed before. Infinite resources lie dormant in the dungeon. It is the best environment in which all human violence can be solved. Dungeons. Since the advent of dungeons, civilisation has changed faster than any other development. For this reason, it has even been said that the existence of the dungeon is not a disaster, but a blessing for humanity. Blessings are dog horns. 99.9 per cent were blessed. But the other 0.1 per cent? I'm not one of the superhumans, the older generation. In other words, it was the talentlessness of the 0.1 per cent who were not blessed. From birth. "Hah. With so many useless applicants, it's too late to leave work..." "Aying, I won't even let you filter out of the papers because of the gnome's non-discrimination or what...." "Aying, I won't even let you filter it out of the papers because of non-discrimination against the gnome or what...." My fists clenched at the interviewer's still-mumbling words. The words were out before I could think. "... are you discriminating against the talentless now?" I lacked the normal superpowers that you're supposed to have from birth. Physically and mentally there was no problem, but the difference in abilities to normal people with talent is enormous. The state defined the untalented as socially disadvantaged and stipulated that discrimination should be prohibited. . . As you can see, this is useless. Employment quotas for the socially disadvantaged will be discussed for a long time to come. The mood in the room was immediately sour. "No, discrimination. What do you mean?" "Hm. I'm talking about this guy..." As the older interviewers express their dismay, the youngest of the dogs rummages through the papers and coughs in vain. "Oh well, gentlemen. I'll say it well." He shrugs his shoulders and speaks in a haughty manner. "Hmm. I'll be honest. Mr Yu's educational background, various overseas volunteer assignments, language skills and various national technical qualifications. Oh boy? There are different types of major licences and special licences, right? Yes, all of those things are great. But just one thing. There are things that don't suit us." The power of a successful worker He said with a forced smile. "Mr Daboka is not talented. Talent. That's not discrimination, that's a fact. The company has the right to hire the talent it needs. He's just not that talent. That's not discrimination, that's a difference, cha. The two interlocutors next to me nodded with satisfaction, and he looked at me with a huffy and understanding expression on his face. I replied with a smirk. "Who said what?" "... What?" "Pick the talent your company needs. Who said what? I would like to apologise for the indiscriminate remarks. Don't you understand?" They looked perplexed. Very well. No one would do something like that at a job interview. But you started first. It says "no talent" on your CV, but I ask about talent and ignore it. And then what? No talent is useless...? Isn't that generally discriminatory? "Hey. Why are you talking so aggressively...." "Okay, so please apologise in any case. All three of you." I won't be able to pass anyway, so I'll have to apologise properly. "Heh~" "Oh, yeah...." "Hey, Yo Daboka-san If you're untalented, you can hire untalented people! Why don't you come to the company and hang out!" The young interviewer shouted. Unperturbed, he pulled the pen out of his brest pocket. "Everything you've said so far. It's being recorded here." I knew this was going to happen, so I prepared myself.... I didn't do it, but I was discriminated against at the interview, so I carried it with me in self-defence. It's the first time I took it out that way, but.... At the sight of the pen, the faces of the three people turned white. Why was that? Wasn't that already discrimination? "Since you won't apologise, I'll file a complaint with the Human Rights Commission and see if it's discrimination or not." I stood up. The interviewers rushed out and grabbed him. "Oh, why is this guy like that?" "Hey. Let's calm down a bit..." "If you don't let this go, I'll keep suing you as a tangible exercise of power without any talent." Only then did the clasped hands fall to the floor in surprise. "Excuse me, I apologise." "He, yes. We made a mistake. I didn't mean to." Since I have clear evidence in my hands, the Human Rights Commission will have no choice but to conduct an investigation. In the end, even if it is not a prison sentence, you will be sentenced to a fine... And if you're unlucky, you might even get a small human rights report? The company lives on its image, and the interviewers have to do this sort of thing. I patted the collar of my suit. "It's too late. I was offended. I should have apologised." I left her behind and walked out of the interview room in that direction. * * * "I'm not gifted. There is no such thing, Gao!" I glanced at my mobile phone. The message that just came in. [2039/04/13 15:30, Yo Daboka complaint received]. "Whew~ How long is this going to go on...." I have lived in South Korea for 27 years. I've stood up against a lot of discrimination, but over time I just got tired. "Hu~ Let's be cheerful. Even if you have no talent for it, you can eat well and live well." I have a great economic activity called a part-time job! A saviour who can make a living even if he doesn't have a job. Job. In short: Atba! "Haha, yes, that's a very good world!" At that moment, he burst out laughing and took a big step, Boom! I felt the soft touch under my newly bought shoes. "Yuck!?!" Brown poo smeared on the sole of the shoe. "Hu, I bought these at Second-Hand World for a high price...." I rubbed myself on the dirty ground of a nearby park for a long time. Until the foul odour faded. Choaaaa Suddenly, a gush of water poured over him. "Hey! That man, what are you doing in the flowerbed?" The park ranger looked at me with a puzzled face. With the hose in his hand. Maybe he wanted to water the flower bed. Water dripped from his head. He was very wet. "... Ha ha. Is today the day?" What kind of day? An unlucky day! Falling out of the last job interview, stepping in dog poo on the way and even splashing in the park! On days like this, it's best to stay at home. "Hahaha. Let's go home." Yol smiled bitterly and walked away silently. "Ugh! Smell...." As soon as I entered the house, the smell of ammonia stung my nose. "Can that be, again? You drunks! Why do you have to pe here all the time!!!" There are lots of pubs in the alley. That's why the drunk people kept peeing on the windows. Today I couldn't close the window because I was in a hurry... "Oooh! What the hell are you doing?" When I came in, I was sitting there wiping up someone else's urinne and something caught my eye. "... There's not really anything going on today." Text messages ring with good timing. Jiyiying! [Son, you don't have to work too hard for the hospital bills as long as you pay back the money your uncle lent you...] Whoa! The impression faded. "Mum, it's been a long time since I took that bastrd from overseas...." Ugh. He gritted his teeth. A new kind of cancer was developing as the dungeon was created. As in the usual neo-pagan dramas, Mom has beaten the slim odds and come down with dungeon cancer, and now she can't survive without being in the hospital. Hospital bills that act like water on the poison that has fallen beneath. My father was killed in an accident while driving his E-class bus, and in the meantime my uncle had all the money my mother had saved. All that's left is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt and hospital bills. "Hah. Really...." Finally, I went outside and had a cigarette. If I did nothing, my heart would explode. Slimy, slimy! Just as you're about to light it, Shootaa A sudden shower of rain. The cigarette, which was hard, quickly became wet. "......." Isn't the whole world rejecting me at this point? Something hot emerged from below. Finally, he shouted to the sky. If that's the case, then why did you create me! If there is a god, then you really are a level 100 bastard! Asuuraa Things I didn't know if it was rain or tears running down my cheeks. "Hmm... X-foot, if you made it, you must be responsible for this..." Rumble! With a shriek, blue lightning flashed from the cracks in the dark clouds. The sky became bloodier and bloodier. It's like: 'Shut up and live! I had a feeling that's what I wanted to say. He lifted his head to the sky again. "I don't want to live like this! Whoever's responsible for this, you bastards!!!" That was the moment. Rumble.... Lightning flashed through the clouds! A bolt of lightning struck, Kwaaang!!! "Boom...!" A dizzying shock ran through his whole body. His stiff body tilted, and then Kuung! With the sound, his vision darkened.

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