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Tears of Fate

Author:   Just Imagine

Chapter 1: The Rainy World...

Two centuries have passed. The once vibrant world has now became a realm shrouded by eternal rain.

Under the sky dominated by the pouring clouds, life of 4 childhood high school friends unfolded.

Among them was Kaito, bearing the burden of his little sister's illness on his shoulders. His heart ached, knowing her condition was deteriorating with each day passing.

Aside from him, there was Mai, her face radiated a bright smile, that hid the truth of her torn-up family.

Then, there was Hiro, a gentle and kind soul radiating empathy, people often find solace in his company.

Then, the glue of the group, Sora, a vibrant girl who can lighten up even the gloomiest of days with her laughter-lit conversations. She often attract many people due to her personality.

A journey awaited him and his friends, Mai, Sora and Hiro as they set out to uncover the mysteries of this rain realm.

Their quest led them to an artifact, a ribbon that transcends time and fate itself. The ribbon transported them to the time where humans lived under the warmth of Sun and encountered the brilliance of Stars, the past.

Little did they know, it was just a beginning of their journey that will not only test their determination and resilience but also the power of friendship and hope as they uncover the truths of their world.

Just Imagine

Just Imagine

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