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The Akins: (Lord of The Abyss)

Author:   Alpha

Chapter 4: Chapter (1) Humanity-part 4

In 2013, Cecil (renamed "Stay on Main" although it still preserves the original Cecil Hotel signage and advertising painted on its exterior) became the focus of renewed attention when CCTV footage of a young Canadian student, Elisa Lamm, acting Randomly in the hotel elevator and the video spread quickly. The video depicts Lamm repeatedly pressing elevator buttons, getting in and out of the elevator, and possibly trying to hide from someone. It was recorded shortly before her disappearance; Later, her naked body was discovered in a water supply tank on the rooftop of the hotel, after residents complained about the strange-tasting water. How it entered the tank is still a mystery. Will, it’s not a mystery if you know that Nulikath was in LA and he can’t live in the streets can he?! Not when his favorite hotel is there, having Nulikath in the room next to you brings you a lot of feelings Strange fear anxiety panic attacks and nervousness It's all things that take you out of your mind What motivates you to do actions that you are unable to control After things calm down, Nulikath comes out at night To see the charming night city life Not that he's never seen that before but today, the Devil is throwing a party a big fat party, In a casino, a demonic creature whispers to someone to put all his chips, only to lose everything he has, the man tossed outside the casino only to find himself in front of Nulikath The man is terrified, but before he says anything, he disappears, Nulikath enter the casino No one sees the lord of darkness and chaos Unless he wants to show himself But all living creatures feel his presence, they are terrified by his steps, they can hear the echo of his feet, and they can almost feel his breath on their necks, the demon is no exception he introduces himself he says I am Naismith Demon of deception and treachery May I know your name? Nulikath looks down And does not give an answer, Naismith asks again and Nulikath says Our eyes do not meet bend over, Naismith falls to the ground to look up to see the Abyss and when you look into the Abyss, the Abyss looks at you, Naismith In great awe, he asks how can he serve the Lord of Chaos One of the Great Akins Nulikath the Abyss Nulikath asks about The location of the Devil and where his party will be held Saying, that little one knows how to hide his tracks from me, Naismith tells about the place of Satan that his father is meeting at this time with stupid people who worship him as usual, ordering them to kill some children here and there Urging businessmen to corruption, and leaders to war He urges them to commit sins and shameful deeds Then the party begins with sacrifices and a lot of drugs like a lot of it,

The party is always held in The Church of Satan an international organization dedicated to the religion of LaVeyan Satanism as codified in The Satanic Bible. The Church of Satan was established at the Black House in San Francisco, California But father has a very secret place here in Los Angeles that he calls the Devil's Lair where a lot of important people in the world attend in it, you will find him there, Nulikath goes to the Devil's Lair a place where Even he didn't know about, which made him suspect that Satan might be the reason why some people were hiding from him He arrives at the site to see people as usual fools No matter how heights they attained, or highly knowledgeable positions they are in human never learn He hears the scream of the Devil from the balcony he Says No! Noooo! You can’t be here how in the world could you find me only for Nulikath to Disappears In the crowd to reappear behind the Devil He catches the Devil by his throat and raise him Satan cannot take his breath and speak, and the demons begin to besiege the place, Satan tells them to back off, What would you do in the face of the Lord of chaos on of the Akins and you, are you threatening me? I'm immortal until the end of time Even you can't do anything about it, Nulikath He presses the Devil's throat and orders him to shut up he says, I may not be able to sever your Immortality But you should be aware that there are things worse than death, Satan stutters and asks why Nulikath is in his Lair, Nulikath says there is a human being I have never seen before, and this is impossible, this place I could not see too What have You done I smell magic from you, magic that is not yours? After thinking about it something like this is hard for you but tell me who shook your dirty hand?!The Devil says that the Cthulhu Is not a big fan of You after you ripped his wings off, Why don't you ask him, the magic used here was a gift from him a thousand years ago Nulikath Leave the Devil and his affairs But he warns him, saying: If you continue to play games, you will reap nothing but torment, you are promised an eternal one, so you do not need to suffer twice Beware of the Abyss Beware of ME, The Devil feels threatened but again he has been thrown out of God mercy what could be worse, And the celebration continues.



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