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The Chosen One

Author:   David Marian Mihail

Chapter 2: The One and Only Path

After waking up and reflecting on what he dreamed of, something woke up inside of him, Sunging was a little bot shocked, but he did not know what the paths meant.

Freda, took Sunging to her house, where he had to rest. When Sunging arrived home and went to bed, he fell asleep. Sunging, in the dream, he sees the two paths again and he decides to go a little bit further. ¨What is this place?¨ He says. Then a magic beast appeared and said. ¨If you want to know it you will have to kill me¨.

Sunging was not realizing what was happening, but he knew which path to take. He was decided to kill that monster. The beast, instead of fighting, it vanished saying: ¨You are the chosen and I am sure about that, make your life worthy¨. After that moment, his mom wakes him up to give him the medicine.

After that dream, he knew which path to take: ¨The One And Only Path¨. When he said that, a little screen appeared and said: ¨Do you want to join the challenge?¨. He said yes, and got teleported to a strange room, there were only a few people bigger than Sunging. Everyone didn't know what was happening, and suddenly a mysterious voice appeared saying: ¨We all are here know, you are here to learn magic and graduate to a wizard centre¨. Sunging was shocked and excited at the same time. It was his time to shine.

An hour later, Sunging came back home, but he doesn't wanna tell what happened with his mom, because he knows that she wouldn't let him to do that.

The next morning, Sunging woke up in that mysterious room and the mysterious voice said again. ¨It's time for the first lesson¨.

David Marian Mihail

David Marian Mihail

What should I do for the next chapter?

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