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The Forgotten Monarch

Author:   Mody Ledo

Chapter 3: Start cultivating

[Yes, host the memories of your first life were sealed by @&$#°€=£√€°€π because #&@¢×¥^¢ requested it]

'so it's still locked information huh. It must've been someone very powerful then'

"So what are these daily missions then?"

[The host will be given the same mission to complete daily until the host breaks through to the next stage and the mission's difficulty increases]

'So it won't let me off even after I become stronger, huh. I swear when I find whoever did this I will €^£√÷€✓¢{¥°¢{€=€÷=¢' said Enzo inwardly while cursing whoever was so cruel to do this to him. Not knowing that they only did it to help him, but that's a story for the future.

"Show status" said Enzo inside his mind.

[ Name: Enzo Asmodeus Van Halen Status: alive Hp: 20/20 Strength: 5 Intelligence:Ω Lvl: 1

EXP:0/10 Cultivation Lvl: none Physique: <unawakened> Talent: <unawakened> Skills: <locked> Special Skills: <locked> Physique Skills: <locked> <Wives Statuses> <Pending Missions> <Daily Missions> ]

'open Wives tab'

[The host's current level is too low]

*sigh* ' Should've expected that by now '

'open pending missions tab'

[The host doesn't have any pending missions right now, the missions will be triggered at random and will have have rewards after their completion]

'open daily missions tab'

[The host still hasn't entered cultivation so the daily missions won't start until the host reaches the foundation building stage]

'So that means I still have time until I suffer, yeah wohoooo'

[reminder to the host, the daily missions are locked because they aren't appropriate for your current level as they will be too difficult to complete and if the host doesn't reach the foundation building within 18 months they will be triggered with a higher difficulty]

'Noooooo, not again, why, why are you doing this to me system, you're supposed to help me slack off and get stronger doing nothing, not.... not this' wailed Enzo inwardly.

[I don't know what the host is talking about, I have been programmed by €°£π€°€π and all I do is follow my programming]

'Huh!?? can you read my mind, nope I refuse to believe it, not even privacy, I can't even have the most important thing MY PRIVACYYYYYYYY NOOOO sob sob sob' fake cried Enzo to see if the system can read his mind.

[I don't know what the host is talking about, I have been programmed by hehe-- ahem- €°£π€°€π and all I do is follow my programming]

"I knew it, I f**king knew it, you can hear my thoughts, your voice even sounds like a woman holding back her laughter" shouted Enzo in success.

[Ding, a new mission has been triggered.

<Mission details: hunt a Red Horned Rabbit

Time limit: 10 days

Reward: +5 strength points

Failure: -7 main HP points


'So you're gonna ignore what I said huh? Okay my dearest system, I wrote that down and I will pay it back to whoever is controlling you in the future' Noted Enzo, only to know in the future that it wasn't just one person and that he couldn't offend them even if he had nine lives, in which he already lived two and is on his third.

[The host should stop thinking nonsense and start searching for a Red Horned Rabbit as they are hard to catch because of how quick and agile they are]

'yep, the system can for sure hear my thoughts' and so he waited for the night to sneak out into the forest and hunt the rabbit.

"Darling should we be worried that our son is making weird gestures in the air?"

"Don't worry I'm sure it's because of puberty" assured Victor.


Victor didn't look at her as though he couldn't hear her, but sweat can be seen trickling from his forehead.

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