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The Kaiqing of Reprisal

Author:   Nyte Kaiqing

Chapter 6: Guardian of the Abyss

As the dust settled in the temple, Amara felt the weight of the recent events bearing down on her. She looked at Rev Kaiqing, grateful for his intervention, yet full of unanswered questions. The two decided to make their way back to Amara's village in Laten, a journey that promised time for reflection and, perhaps, answers.

The desert stretched out before them, its vastness magnified by the setting sun. As the duo walked side by side, the silence of the desert was broken only by the soft crunching of sand beneath their feet.

"You know," began Amara, her voice gentle, "this desert, Laten, has seen centuries come and go. Each grain of sand has a story, every gust of wind carries the whispers of the ancients."

Rev looked around, taking in the endless expanse. "It's vast, and seemingly unforgiving. Yet, it's beautiful in its own right."

Amara nodded, "It's a testament to resilience. People often see it as a barren wasteland, but for us, it's home. The desert has its secrets, its hidden oases, its underground wells, and its legends."

"And what of the world of Protar? Apart from this desert, what other wonders does it hold?" Rev inquired.

Amara's eyes twinkled with excitement. "Protar is diverse, Rev. Beyond the Great Elven Forest and Laten, we have the icy peaks of Northern Root and the warmth of the Southern Root. Centeria, the bustling hub of humanity, stands in stark contrast to Veldora, the Queendom of warriors."

She continued, "The underwater realm of Atlantia is a marvel, while the islands of Eisel house both Dwarves and Androids. The skies above Kazi are often filled with the graceful flight of the Oni, and the terrain of Dragonia is marked by the majestic presence of Dragonoids. Nongriat's black markets and dense forests are a world apart from Nobastalia's regal airs."

Amara paused, reflecting on her words, "The beauty of Protar lies in its diversity, in the harmony that exists amidst all this diversity."

Rev seemed thoughtful. "Much like the Abyss, then. Many realms, many stories, yet interconnected."

Amara glanced at him, sensing the depth of his thoughts, "Your world sounds as fascinating as mine. Perhaps, one day, you'll tell me more about it."

He smiled, a hint of sadness in his eyes, "Perhaps, one day."

As they continued their journey, the desert night enveloped them, a canopy of stars guiding their way. The stories shared between them acted as a bridge, forging a deeper connection in the face of unknown challenges that lay ahead.

The desert night embraced Amara and Rev Kaiqing as they journeyed onward. The sands whispered tales of ancient times, and the stars above seemed to watch over them like silent sentinels. The silence between them was comfortable, as if words were unnecessary to convey the understanding that had grown between them.

Amara's thoughts drifted to the battle with Tarek. She had witnessed Rev Kaiqing's incredible power firsthand, his ability to manipulate reality itself. It occurred to her that he could have easily ended the fight in an instant, if he had chosen to. The realization left her both intrigued and contemplative.

"Rev," she began cautiously, "during our battle with Tarek, your power was... astounding. You could have stopped him at any moment, couldn't you?"

Rev glanced at her, his expression inscrutable. "Yes, Amara. My abilities are indeed formidable."

Amara's curiosity piqued. "Then why did you let the battle continue? Why not end it quickly?"

He paused for a moment before answering. "Amara, power isn't just about what one can do, but also about when and why one chooses to use it. In that moment, it was crucial for you to find your strength, to fight for what you believed in."

Amara nodded, understanding his point. "You wanted me to discover my own determination, my own conviction."

Rev smiled softly. "Exactly. I believe in the strength that comes from within, from your bond with the desert, from your connection to this world. Sometimes, it's necessary to let others find their path, even if it means facing challenges."

As they continued walking, Amara's respect for Rev's perspective deepened. His guidance wasn't just about power; it was about empowerment. She looked at him, a mix of gratitude and curiosity in her eyes. "And what about you, Rev? Why are you here? Why did you intervene?"

Rev's gaze turned distant, as if he were recalling something from long ago. "I've seen the consequences of imbalance, of unchecked power. The Abyss and your world are entwined, and when one suffers, the other feels it too. I couldn't stand by and let the delicate equilibrium shatter."

Amara nodded, sensing the weight of his responsibility. "You're a guardian, not just of the Abyss, but of this balance. I can understand that."

Their footsteps continued to echo in the quiet desert. Amara looked at the stars above, lost in thought. "Rev, I've learned a lot these days. About our world, about yours, and about myself. And I'm determined to protect both."

Rev's gaze softened as he looked at her. "You possess a rare strength, Amara. One that isn't just measured in power, but in your unwavering dedication to what's right."

They find themselves in a small oasis of beautiful white flowers over a blanket of greenery around a small pond beside a huge rock. A magnificent site for setting up a tent to sleep. Rev climbs the rock and decides to dose off without thinking twice while Amara undresses to soak in the water to cleanse her body. The water is chill and refreshing, the reflection of the desert lilies on the surface of the water together with the shiny glow of the Skywing Moon reflecting from Amara’s silver hair creates a divine white scenery of bliss. After soaking for a bit, Amara gets out and dries herself with a towel and wears her white night robes as she admires the beauty of the silver Lilies.

Nyte Kaiqing

Nyte Kaiqing

Who decides right and wrong? The one that isn't restrained by them.

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