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The Rise of the Dark Lord

Author:   Isaiah Williams

Chapter 1: Prologue

He was surrounded by darkness and couldn't see a thing. He could not breathe; he could not feel his body nor anything around him. Silence and darkness was the only thing that filled his world.

He lacked a form or any defining features; just a consciousness floating around in an empty void. A void that seemed to slowly eat away at him.

Despite the lack of body and a sense of touch, he could feel the impenetrable darkness around him. Then, just like a light that appears at the end of a long tunnel, a light appeared before him.

A light that felt even more deep then the darkness around him. He couldn't see it, but he could sense its presence and with the light's presence, a voice rang out.

"There you are," it said. Although he had no ears, he could hear and understand the voice. He could understand his words not his intentions.

The voice let out a chuckle as it reveled in the triumph of finding him. The voice continued, "I've been looking for you for a long time. You hold something very important," it said.

"Something that could be the key to everything that I've been working on." Anxiety crept up his nonexistent back. He could feel that the voice's intentions were not good and pure. "I would very much like your help in achieving my goals,'' it said.

He didn't know what to do.

Should he accept the voice's request or refuse it. Both choices had unknown consequences. After not getting a response, the voice let out a sigh. "Right, right, you can't speak," it said. "Not that it matters anyway. A set of events has been set in motion that you nor anyone else can hope to stop.

The best you can do is hope to survive." And with those words the light vanished, leaving him in complete darkness.

His consciousness was there for several moments. Until somewhere, a boy woke up with a gasp.

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