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The Seeker

Author:   Actlations

Chapter 1: Chapter One - prologue

???: Do you know what it's like to feel infinitesimal? Of course you probably know what it's like to feel useless or empty. Almost all humans go through a depressive state in their lives. But, what about being of no use to the grand universe. That is what it likes to be mortal. Every action made creates another reality for the consequences of that action. From you deciding to cheat on that test, to a subatomic particle shaking. All actions have consequences. And... with the infinite realities there are, you as an expendable toy for those stronger than you. All you can do is wish for change. Here is your time human! A chance to reach nirvana, The gateway to godhood. A chance to reach omnipotence across reality where you can join the gods who sit in an all powerful and absolute position. The gods are awaiting your ascension.

???: "That is what sounded in every person's head 30 years ago. When the when the tower of ides appeared. The first temple to appear on earth.

The door handle to the classroom wriggles around for a few moments and the door flies open

???: "Sekira, you're late again... I said last time any more and I'd have to write you up for detention."

The student slid into his seat at the front of the classroom

Sekira: "Sorry Mr. Miyagi! It was really hard getting to school today."

Mr. Miyagi: "You say this every time you come in late..." and that bruise on his arm. "Maybe if you stopped getting into fights so much you wouldn't be late!!"

Sekira slid his sleeve down a few inches.

Sekira: "Haha- I'm trying..."

He looked down at his desk

Mr. Miyagi: "Now onto the history of the system and classes! First the mage cl......."

Sekira closed his eyes and dreamt yet again about the night 8 years ago...

Male voice: "How many times do I need to tell you! Our son has no chance making it as a player he's a stick with your genes running in his veins!"

Female voice: "I've become a mage with these so called 'shitty genes' you always want to bring up! If I can, he can too!!"

Male voice: "A shitty D rank talking about power... you may have been lucky on your class but a D rank is a D rank and I guarantee this dog of a child wouldn't even be able to be ranked!"

Young Sekira: "Father I'm sorry I promise I'll do better!"

The man's hand began to glow a bright red.

System: Activating B rank skill (fist of the dragon slayer)

The man blew a hole through Sekiras rib and grabbed onto the woman's throat.


Sekiras mother scratched at the fathers hand in a useless attempt to free herself.

Sekira: Dying without making anyone proud. And... I'm sorry mom. I'm too weak to save you either. I guess fathers right about me being useless...

???: You need strength don't you.

Sekira: Wha-What!? Who's talking right now!?

God: I'm a god. To be more precise I guess I'm your god since you humans chose for me to be your saviors. I'm here to help you if you so choose. Do you wish to be useful? Do you wish to have the power to protect your mother?

Sekira: Ye- Yes! I want to save everyone I love! Please... help.

God: As you wish... I shall give you a small piece of my power. Use it to save everyone you love as you have wished.

System: [Forcefully awakened] player (Sekira) you have received a revalation and a gift. Would you like to accept them?

Sekira: Wha- people shouldn't be able to awaken their systems until 18... I guess this is the power he's talking about!

Sekira Shakenly pressed on the 'accept' button in front of his face with a bloodied finger.

Sekiras Father: "Tch- what the hell is that light?"

Sekiras Mother: "Yo- You awakened Seki- cough- Sekira!"

Sekiras Father threw the mother to the side

Sekiras Father: "Impossible! What trickery did this bitch pull off!"

System: The revalation you have been shown "fullfil your goal of protecting the one's you love, however, I also request that you use the power gifted to you to reach what other 'gods' call Nirvana... I have plans for you child."

Sekira: What... I'm supposed to be used by this "god?" I guess then I'll be useful...

Sekiras Father: "I'll kill this kid and make you reveal your trick you damn witch!"

System: The gift is... the title <Hand of the new god> congratulations! You are the first to receive this title... it's a unique title. Only you will have this title. You have received the skill (blade of the new god)! As a reward for receiving a new title all of your abnormal status' will be reverted.

The hole in Sekiras side was filled in and the pain disappeared like it was only an illusion.

Sekiras Father: "This- This bitch wasted life magic on a useless kid!"

Sekira: "I-I'm no longer useless."

System: Activating S rank skill (blade of the new god) you will equalize the field with heretics who oppose divnity!

A blade of light formed withing the hand of Sekira

System: [Special Quest: Remove the heretics!] Rewards are locked... when the quest is completed the system will be locked after this quest until the time is right.

Sekira: "I was already planning on this from the moment I got up."

Sekiras Father: "This bitch has something flashy cause of his useless mother and thinks he can kill me!? A B RANK HUNTER??? HAHAHAHA!"

Sekira: "Don't talk about my mother like that!"

Sekiras Father: "I'm your father you ungrateful pig. I have the authority!!!"

Fathers System: Activating A rank skill (dragon Lord's authority)


A large, transparent yet red dragon claw flew towards Sekira


Sekira swung the blade up with both his hands and an arc of light sliced through the hand and everything else in its path.

Sekiras Mother: "AHHHHHHHH!"

Sekira: "Don't worry mom... *huff* *huff* I saved us.

System: [Special Quest complete] the system will now be locked

*Thump* The man's torso heeled over onto the floor as his legs lay in a way that makes his separated body look like it's praying to god

Sekiras Mother: "Wha- What are you!?"

Sekira: "Mom... Mom! It's me!!! I saved us."

Sekiras Mother: "You... you're not my son! You're a devil! Your appearance isn't human! Why have you ruined everything! WHAT DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS!?!"

Sekira: "Mom- Mom what are you talking about! I saved us from the real demon! Father!!! Are you alright!?"

The woman's screams were curdled as she repeatedly banked her everbloodied head into the floor.

Sekira: "Mom! MOM STO-

???: "S....."

Sekira: Huh....?

???: "Se... SEKIRA!"

Sekira: "HUH! WHAT!?!"

Mr. Miyagi: You slept over an hour after class ended... seriously what is wrong with kids these days!"



This is simply an introduction of the main character and will allow you readers to see the beginning vibe of the story.

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