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The story of a cycling hero

Author:   Pratham Pravin nadkarni

Chapter 1: The rise of hero

This story started as there was a attack of magical beasts on the world. So the wizard dranjender fight the monsters. He sealed all the monsters in various emblems. But now all the emblems are fitted in various cycles.

The cyclist Ichikawa is the new cycler in this world and he has now training in geca(general education of cycle academy). Ichikawa first test is to balance the cycle and tame the F rank beast "baby goblin".

Hi! My name is Ichikawa tonikawa I am a new cyclist in this world. This is my coach Mr. Hanegawa. Coach hanegawa is the master and leader of Felix fox. "Felix fox" is the cycling team who is at top 3 in the world. My coach's cycle is having S rank beast "Felix fox". The team's name was inspired by this beast. As I am a beginner cyclist. My dream is to be the no. 1 cyclist in the world.

Pratham Pravin nadkarni

Pratham Pravin nadkarni

This is my first try

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