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To The END

Author:   XtreamEr

Chapter 1: Chapter 0 : The Past

Slowly, clouds drift toward the western skies of ARIA. The sunlight pierces through the shifting clouds, casting its glow upon The Magic Combat Academy.

Renowned worldwide in the realm of ARIA, The Magic Combat Academy has gathered nearly all its students in the central auditorium for a lecture on the History of ARIA. Over 5000 students assemble, anticipating insights into the Magical and Mythical History of ARIA. The Academy's youngest instructor takes the stage, cradling a Magical Book filled with so much MANA that even 5th circle mages shudder.

He halts at the center of the stage and begins, "As you all know, you are here for a special lesson on the History of our world ARIA, as directed by the Academy's headmaster. Today, you will discover the true reason and the truth behind the destruction of ARIA a thousand years ago."

A hush falls over the auditorium. The instructor opens the Magical Book, stating, "Before delving into this book, I must inform you that it chronicles the individual who initiated the 3rd great war against all races of ARIA. In this war, all races narrowly emerged victorious due to chance, but why did the war commence in the first place? The answers lie within the pages of 'The History Of The 3rd Great War,' also known as 'The Extinction.'"

The entire auditorium, including workers and other instructors, shivers at this revelation. The instructor begins reading from the book, "If you are reading this, it means I am already dead. But, before you proceed, I must clarify that I've written from the perspective of the person responsible for starting the 3rd great war, known as 'The Extinction.' This person is also the one who slew the gods that crossed his path."

He turns the page and continues reading.



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