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Climbing the tower with my gluttony system

Climbing the tower with my gluttony system

7 Chapters

A teenager finds himself mysteriously transported to a new world without understanding why or how. However, upon glimpsing a colossal tower outside his window and discovering that this realm resembles a game with dungeons, monsters, and skills, he resolves to conquer the tower known as 'Amartia.' His goal is to become the most powerful entity in this world while unraveling its secrets along the way. This is my first novel, and English isn't my primary, secondary, or even tertiary language. Nevertheless, I've made an effort to share my story and have received assistance in editing from some of my friends.

Action Teen   and 5 more
Pandora's Pride

Pandora's Pride

6 Chapters

Adistira’s life changes when he witnesses people being killed by mysterious creatures when a supernatural phenomenon occurs in his small town. In the midst of the chaos, a small child appears and declares himself an observer. When the world was on the verge of destruction, another mysterious entity appeared before Adistira. He will help him complete the singularity on one condition. Blood or Life?

Fantasy Mature   and 3 more
Apocalyptic Journey: The Trilogy

Apocalyptic Journey: The Trilogy

1 Chapters

Apocalypse. Most people think of an apocalypse as something that leads to the end of the world, due to geographical factors such as earthquakes or tsunamis. Some people consider it something expected and necessary, while others consider it the opposite. Different people imagine the apocalypse differently. Someone may think about more down-to-earth and realistic scenarios of the end, such as: meteorites falling to Earth or the explosion of the Moon, oor Earth burning because of the Sun, while others may think more about fantastic factors, i.e. aliens or zombies. In my case, unfortunately, it was zombies. If you think it was caused so suddenly by some epidemic or biological war, then maybe you're right, maybe you're not. Unfortunately, I don't know what started this apocalypse, but one day I will find out the truth. Whether it takes a month or fifteen years, I will find out what caused the world to turn upside down.

Mature Romance   and 4 more