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Tales of Holy One

Author:   Kushana

Chapter 2: Birth and Contrast Receptions

The holy one and the chosen one were born on the same day and same time under the radiance of auspicious birth stars.

The chosen one was welcomed to the world with great excitement and rejoiced. There were huge celebrations in the entire Kingdom, Every citizen of the Kingdom was determined that good days for their kingdom were coming soon.

On the other hand, a handful of the people were there to welcome the holy child as many of his core family members were not present at his birth because of their duties assigned by the Emperor to attend the chosen child's celebration and to maintain peace.

At his birth, the holy child cried loudly with pain due to the immense power in his body which was about to outburst. The child's mother was still unconscious, while the priestess who was present there saw the child crying and rushed quickly to check the child's condition.

"This poor child will not live due to his unfavorable body condition and I can do nothing because of my insufficient knowledge", said the priestess.

The child's father was summoned by the attendant. After seeing his child's condition he burst into tears he ordered to change the room so as not to distribute the Marchioness, keeping in mind the small heart of his wife who was a terminally ill heart patient.

After chatting with the priestess, the Marquis was aware that his child would not be able to live and that he may die anytime soon.




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