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Tales of Holy One

Author:   Kushana

Chapter 1: The Proclamation and Prophecy

Finally, thou reached the place where thou needed to be "said the heavenly being". 'Since thou came so far...', From this moment my ownself will tell thou story which will enlighten thy further path.

In a world where the truth was overshadowed by darkness, minds were rotten inside. There lived a holy one who had balanced his nature even in this harsh world. Amidst the danger around him, he never stopped craving his path. While he was not the chosen one his actions changed his destiny to become even more powerful than the chosen one. "The 'intriguing beings' who listen to some sentences with hidden means are amazed and want to listen more so they hide themselves...".

The holy one was born in a small town situated in the Kingdom of Azimuth. He was the second child of a renowned family who had lost their power in the power struggle between the renowned families of the Kingdom.

Before his birth, There was a "Voice of Faith" in the Oracle from the sky stating that "children will be born on the holy night of 'Vermini' who will have a mole bearing a symbol of light on the back, who will erase all the darkness and spread lightness in path". Everyone anticipated that the chosen child would be born from the Emperor and Queen as the Queen was in her late stage of giving birth.




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