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The Lone Emperor

Author:   Altanas Alcenat

Chapter 3: Hope

Had it been a week since I last saw Khalfian and Fitzgerald? All I've been seeing are trees. A day later I had discovered what seemed to be a village. Upon entering there was no doors and from the inside everything was destroyed. Could the undead have caused this?

"What does a royal like yourself doing in such dead place?" I am no royalty and I thrive to survive. "Oh, is that so? How did you end up all the way here young man?" I was taken here against my will and abandoned left to die. "Aren't we all lost in this curse world, the name's John." Please to meet you John, I am Anwealda.

It was an old man, maybe around sixties, he had gray hair, slim, and short. He seemed strong but had no courage.

"What happened to this place?" I asked curiously. We were once a thriving nation but our ruler desired power and unleash hell upon its own nation to gain the trust of a King. "That wouldn't describe how this place is however." Every-night we are attacked by monster and can't defend ourselves instead we choose to hide in the shadow waiting for whatever hope we have left.

Their numbers were less than one hundred. Some were sleeping on the floor, some looked like they were dead but still fighting.

"What do you say we go on a hunt?" I spoke. A hunt... "Yes, for food, it looks like this village could really use it." If you certainly can please help us!

The village was surrounded by vast forest, so it wasn't hard to find boars. They're very aggressive and strong but it's not that hard to outsmart a boar. The first step is to get it to chase you and lore into a tree, once its head and the tree collide it will be confused for couple seconds. That's the perfect opportunity to take my sword and pierced straight through its head.

Around the village was vast resources such as caves, animals, and a vast forest. This village could be restored back to its former glory. It's just a matter of who. Killing five boars was plenty. Now the real fun begins. Walking back inside all the villagers' gazes were upon us.

"Don't share a single boar with anyone." I spoke harshly. Why must we do that?

"To see who are willing to stand up and fight. Night will be approaching soon."

John had gone around explaining what needed to be done to earn food and as expected everyone came. Separating all of them into five group, every group gets one boar. I then used the rest of the day to improve my swordsmanship. Before we knew it night fell. All were anxious, some showed it while some didn't. It didn't matter all they needed was hope and now they have it.

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